100MM F2.8 MACRO

Wide Angle Zoom

Mounts: Canon Full Frame, Canon APS-C

The AT-X 100 PRO D is a macro lens capable of life-sized (1:1) reproduction at 11.8 in. (30 cm). The lens' multi-coating have been re-engineered to match the highly reflective silicon based CCD and CMOS sensors in today's digital SLR cameras. This lens gives the best of both worlds because optics still give full coverage and excellent sharpness on 35mm film. A macro lens that can handle both the digital and film worlds with ease. 

The AT-X 100 PRO D also has a very convenient focus limiter switch that can lock the focus out of the closes focus making it focus faster when used as a moderate telephoto lens that is excellent portraits as well. 

Other features of the AT-X 100 PRO D are: 

Tokina One Touch Focus Clutch Mechanism for fast easy switching between manual and Auto focus. 

55mm non-rotating filter thread for use with macro ring flashes and special effects filters. 

The AT-X 100 PRO D also comes with a deep bayonet mounted lens hood. 

Autofocus with this lens is not supported with Nikon DSLRs that do not have a focus motor in the camera body. 

Pictures by the different lens of the focus system 

Fig.1: Took a photo by Tokina AT-X M100 AF PRO D 
A shape of the blurred light in the background has become the clean "circle". 

Fig.2: Took a photo by an inner focus system lens 

In this image, a shape of the light in the background has become like a rugby ball formed by lens vignetting. 

"The auto focus speed than blur" is given priority, and almost macro lens are made by an inner focus system. 

We would recommend you the Tokina AT-X M100 AF PRO D which has the beautiful blur by "the extending mechanism", if you seek more image description performance.

Focal Length


Maximum Aperture


Minimum Aperture


Angle of View


Minimum Focusing Distance

0.3 m

Macro Ratio


Filter Size


Aperture Blades




Zooming System


Lens Width

2.9 in (73.66mm)

Lens Length

3.7 in (95.00mm)


Canon Full Frame, Canon APS-C

Zoom Mode


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