John W. Herbst

Born in the Black Hills of South Dakota, I grew up with a sense of magic and wonderment about the natural world. I received a medical degree from the University of Iowa and practiced Internal Medicine, both in Iowa and in South Dakota. In 1990, I left the full time practice of medicine, in part, to become a professional wildlife and nature photographer.

My wife, Cheryl, and I started "Grizzly Bear Nature Photography" - our stock company in 1991. We specialize in wildlife, nature and scenic images of western South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Minnesota. In addition to our own image sales and marketing, we conduct educational workshops and seminars, as well as shoot for Sharpshooter's Stock Agency of Miami, Florida.

Through the art of photography, I use light, patterns, form, and personal perception to demonstrate the magic I see in nature. As artists, we must continue to demonstrate the inherent value in "Nature for Nature's sake". Hopefully, in some small way, my photography will help others to understand and will help to replace arrogance with respect, disdain with recognition, the urge to conquer with the desire to coexist, and above all will begin to share with others the incredible magic which exists in nature.

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