Gary W Stanley

Gary W. Stanley is a nationally known professional nature, landscape and wildlife photographer based in New England. Gary leads popular photo tours throughout North America. He has been teaching seminars and workshops for over 12 years.

Gary is a popular speaker at many photo conferences and camera clubs around the US and Canada, and is part of Fuji's 'Talent Team' of professional speakers.

Gary has numerous photo and writing credits including national magazine articles, covers, and advertisements. Much of Gary's landscape and nature photography can be seen in New England calendars, and post cards.

Gary is Senior Editor for the on-line photography magazine, Vivid Light Photography and has recently joined the staff ofNPN (Nature Photographers Network) as a contributing editor.

Gary writes monthly articles on both traditional and digital photography. Gary's own site features on-line articles, product tests, favorite places, news and happenings, a tour and seminar schedule, a photo gallery and more.

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